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Inhale exhale breath and relax in our beautiful boutique studio in the heart of Hornsey

One Yoga we believe in promoting the essentials of yoga in a calm and beautiful space, our aim is to:

look after your mind as well as your body
create a safe, relaxing oasis for you to recharge
have only the very best and experienced teachers
help you take your practice wherever you’d like it to go
bring together a warm community of friendly, like-minded people



A mat Pilates class with a daring twist. An intense cross training workout that takes you through powerful body conditioning exercises with the use of props and without.


A great start to a Sunday morning. Settling in to the body with breath and mindfulness, a perfectly balanced yin and yoga class.


Open to all, Yoga Flow is a dynamic yoga class which varies in style and sequences defined by the teachers background, their own interpretation and unique style.


These classes are open to the yoga novice and for those wanting or needing a slower paced class. It’s all about getting to know and making friends with your body, so although maybe challenging at times it will lay the foundation for your yoga practice.


A slow paced meditative and profound practice, yin yoga focuses on intense deep stretching of the body’s connective tissues around the joints, and focuses on the energy channels within the body.


In restorative yoga props are used extensively to allow the body to be in the most comfortable, supported position possible. This class is about slowing down and allowing the body to open through very passive stretching, you may hardly move at all.


Set yourself up for the weekend with Friday night yoga and open your weekend and release the mental energy of the week. This class includes grounding breath work, strength building ,alignment, stretching postures and guided meditation.


Post-Natal yoga is a mum (or Dad) focused yoga class, giving you a chance to move freely, release tension and find some breathing space. We aim to unstick areas that really need it, shoulders, lower back, wrists, and include core rehab, pelvic floor, and all important relaxation.


A 45-minute ‘flow’ style class to strengthen and open the body, followed by 30 minutes of quiet and restoration, with yin/restorative yoga poses and a blissful Savasana relaxation. A wonderful balance of yin & yang!

holistic yoga

Holistic Yoga is a Hatha Yoga class which incorporates sun salutations, standing, seated and floor poses. There is an emphasis on functional movement, therapeutic benefits, incorporating the wider practices of yoga, including philosophy and meditation. The pace is slower than a flow class, yet just as challenging.

Gentle Mens Yoga

90 minutes of gentle flowing Hatha Yoga, designed for men of any age, arriving at or returning to Yoga and for those wanting a gentler-paced, mindful practice. An accessibly paced class that accommodates less elastic bodies, provides gentle stretching and strengthening.

classic mat pilates

Open-level Pilates classes which will awaken muscles you didn’t know you had! A beautiful method in itself as well as a great complement to your yoga practice.  Strengthening and toning, these low-impact, mat exercises build body awareness and are invaluable for optimal health, injury recovery, sports performance and good posture. 


  • Flow and Restore Yoga & Sound Bath Saturday Aug 10th 4-6pm

    An alignment and breath focused flow followed by a restorative yoga session to prepare the body and the mind to a full hour of sound healing. Gongs, Himalyan bowls and other instruments will be played mindfully to restore balance, harmony in the body and mind and to nourish the soul. This class is an embodied, explorative and mindful practice and will leave you feeling like you’ve been on a journey and come out at the end in peace and deeply relaxed. Lead by Martina


  • Sound Bath Saturday Aug 31st 5.30-6.45pm

    Martina will lead you through 75 minutes of sound using gongs and Himalayan bowls during the session to enable you to become deeply relaxed and restore balance, harmony and wellbeing in the whole body and mind.



  • Beginners Yoga Course Saturdays Sept 7th - Oct 12th 11am - 12pm

    This six week course is the perfect way to begin your practice. This class has space for 12 people, offering you a more personalised class where you can learn the basics of the postures, healthy alignment and breath awareness in a supportive environment with our experienced teacher Carla.



  • Aromatherapy & Sound Bath Sunday Sept 15th 3-5.30pm

    Combining the powerful benefits of essential oils, healing sound vibrations, yoga and meditation this 2.5-hour workshop will take you on a journey through your senses into deep relaxation and introspection. 



  • Restorative Yoga with Reki Sunday Sept 29th 4-6pm

    Join Jackie for this beautiful Restorative Yoga Workshop. As a Reiki Master & Theta practitioner she will incorporate these gentle healing frequencies into her teaching, while guiding you through a sequence of deep, opening postures. There will be attention to alignment, encouraging your body to find stability and support, while inviting you to find a natural softening and letting go.




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