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Belle Amooty

December 25, 2016

Belle was first inspired to become a Yoga teacher after attending Nighean Hardie’s classes and was hooked after just one session! She later went on to complete her 200-hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training for Ellie Ramsby which led her to begin teaching Yoga in 2014. Belle was a PE teacher for 10 years and for the last 8 she has worked as a Personal Trainer and Education Consultant.

Yoga has taught Belle so much about herself and she loves the fact that in each class she teaches or practices in there is always something new to learn or change for the better. She is passionate about making people feel good about themselves from the inside out and what better way to do this than through Yoga. Belle specialises in teaching a sweaty powerful flow and looks forward to working with you in one of her classes.

Holly Park

December 23, 2016

Holly has a long running passion for health and fitness since seeing her body change shape after having three children. Holly is a trained art teacher and designer, and brings with her an understanding in both getting the best out of students and always striving to bring design led inspiration and beauty to her surroundings. Holly’s love of yoga inspired her to join Belle and Vanesa to create a truly unique space that is One Yoga London. Holly graduated from 200-hour Yoga Alliance training at One yoga London in July, 2016.

Vanessa Hartley

September 11, 2016

Vanessa first started doing yoga about 18 years ago and toyed and played with it for years before it became a lifestyle. And when it did, boy did her life change!! She enrolled in a 500 hour teacher training with the British Wheel of Yoga and now holds a BWYQ Teaching Diploma Level 4 qualification. Although yoga for her started off as a physical practise as it does for a lot of people, overtime the connection was made with the mind and spirit and how one can affect the other. In her classes you will find the focus on the breath and how to connect it with each movement. Hoping to bring you in to a journey of your own body, with no judgements just complete acceptance of where you are right now in this particular moment so then you are able to enjoy the journey of the self.​

Vicky Thirkettle

September 9, 2015

I began practicing yoga with an inspirational teacher named Mudhram at ‘Yoga in daily life’ in 2004 with my husband Will. We both used to float out of the classes after a stressful day at work and we fell in love with the power of yoga. I found solace in Yoga through difficult times and celebrated my longed for pregnancies and postnatal haziness with Mummy and baby yoga. After working as a Nanny and Childminder for 18 years I chose to take time out for an adventure with my own children and Will. In 2017 we backpacked around India for 2 months with our boys Harrison and Elliot aged 6 and 4 at the time. Harrison and I practised yoga with different teachers in the most incredible settings and I loved the joy and tranquility we experienced together. I returned to London and immediately enrolled on my 200 hour teacher training with Jess Stewart and a ‘teaching children’s yoga’ course with Ayala Homossany. I am passionate about bringing yoga to the masses and believe in introducing yoga from a young age to incorporate it into daily life.

Adriana Maldonado

September 9, 2015

After discovering yoga in her early 20’s, Adriana practiced for 11 years before deciding to make yoga her life and career. A graduate of the British Wheel of Yoga’s 500-hour Teaching Diploma and further courses including a post-natal teacher training course, she mainly teaches Vinyasa Flow and Hatha Yoga. Adriana’s sequences are creative, and she offers a strong but balanced practice covering meditation, breath, flow, balancing postures, stretches and relaxation. She is passionate about the subtler aspects of yoga and its philosophy, and emphasises breath as the main axis of the practice.

Her background as a dancer has given her a strong understanding of the body, including numerous techniques to improve alignment and avoid injuries. “My personal style is naturally dynamic, but I adjust to my students’ needs and capabilities. I particularly understand lower back pain issues and hyper-mobility, having suffered from these for many years. Through yoga, I have become physically and mentally stronger, and I believe I can help you achieve the same.”

Carla Espinoza

March 22, 2021

A few years ago Carla attended a yoga class in her local gym without thinking this would change her life. Since that day she has been committed to her yoga practice both physically and mentally. After finding inspiration in her yoga teachers, she completed 200 hours yoga teacher training at Centric School of Yoga. Carla is passionate about fluidity of movements as well as grounding through asanas and deepening one’s practice. She strives to help her students find their inner strength and build confidence throughout their practice. Carla comes from a background in physical theatre where breath, movement, openness and vulnerability is constant. She aspires to stimulate those qualities to her students while they’re on the mat.

Phoebe White

September 9, 2015

Phoebe first came to a yoga practice to help her get back on track after a tricky few years. She found space and breath within the body and decided to learn how to teach others the same. She’s since completed 500hrs of yoga teacher training. If she can do it, she believes anyone can find growth through this ancient activity of meditative movement and intention.

Her style of teaching brings together the elements of alignment, breath and the philosophical roots of yoga. Her classes are musical and structured to be just challenging enough to connect mind, heart and body.

Her aim for every class is to tailor the level to whose in the room so everyone leaves feeling better than when they walked in.

Off the mat, Phoebe is a singer, vocal coach, qualified NLP practitioner, personal development coach and learning facilitator.

Bibi Fabiola

March 25, 2021

Bibi has  always liked movement and comes from a dance background, this has helped her a lot with the physical practice, but Yoga is much more than that and it was when she started learning about the philosophy that she became fascinated with Yoga. In her classes Bibi welcomes everyone to experience not just the body, but mind and soul.

Paul Shipp

October 14, 2021
Paul has performed most of his life on stage as a professional dancer and singer.  His passion for yoga came a bit later and he instantly fell in love with not just the asana practice but the great lessons it has taught him; purpose, gratitude, love,  compassion and patience , letting go of attachment and expectations. Using breath to guide movement  connecting body, mind and spirit is something we can learn to use not just on the mat but in our everyday lives. Full of energy, hope and passion , Paul’s goal is that you  leave his class feeling better than you came.

Chiara Donati

March 22, 2021

In 2009 Chiara suffered a serious injury and  had to allow her  body to heal. This gave her the great opportunity to explore different styles of yoga and other disciplines. In 2018 Chiara took a 200h teacher training and after graduating she was inspired and compelled to share her experience with as many people as possible. Chiara has taken part in a gender and trauma-informed training and started volunteering with the female residents at the YMCA in North London and is  also qualified in Yin and Mindfulness Meditation teaching, training with Sarah Lo. Chiara teaches with a friendly manor creating a relaxed environment where her students can feel welcome and at ease. Ultimately her aim is for people to feel good and inspire them to cultivate a balanced yoga practice.

Jackie Head

September 9, 2015
For 20 years Jackie worked in the fast paced advertising industry. During this time she naturally gravitated towards Yoga and various healing practises, At the time, she was seeking to bring balance and harmony into her life, and soon realised that yoga left her feeling calmer, more grounded, centred and stronger. Jackie’s own journey has really taught her the healing value of yoga and she seeks to impart this in all her classes. Having practised Iyengar, Scaravelli and Vinyasa for many years she qualified as a Yoga Teacher in 2014 with Claire Missingham, achieving an outstanding grade.She also practises Reiki (Master), Theta, (Advanced) and Vibrational Medicine.

Martina Saorin

September 9, 2015

Martina Saorin is an E-RYT certified yoga teacher, specialised in Hatha Yoga as well as being an
Advanced Yin and Restorative Yoga Teacher, a Level 3 Reiki Master and a Sound therapist
Practitioner based in London, UK.
She studied in India with Vishva Ji, founder of the Akhanda Yoga School and in London with Norman
Blair, Sarah Lo, Anna Ashby and the Yoga Campus. Her journey with sound began with Don Conreaux
and the Tone of Life in Poland, where she attended a 9 days intensive Gong and Sound therapy
training in July 2015. She studied Sound Therapy with the British Academy of Sound therapy (BAST)
in UK and she is a fully qualified as practitioner since July 2020.
Martina has always been strongly believed in the power of the sound and Yoga as healing tools to
restore balance, harmony and wellbeing in the whole body, through the principle that everything in
life is in a state of vibration.


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